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Hyper-local news. No clutter

A continuous local news feed that is as local as your neighborhood community center or small-town police department. Clean, uncluttered news with daily variety about what's happening in your local town.

Personalized and Efficient

Reliable and Accurate

Hyper Local Sources

Find Your Town

Our Commitment to Local News

At, we are dedicated to providing accurate and timely local news from the thousands of news sources in our location communities; government meetings, board minutes, community groups, police reports and event calendars. Our machine learning system sorts thousands of raw news sources every hour to provide timely and accurate acocunting of what is happening in your neighborhood.


What We Offer

Our platform offers a range of features to help you stay on top of local news and events. From breaking news alerts to community-driven news, we've got you covered.

Local Feeds

Track activity of hundreds of sources in your community  Our machine learning algorithms ensure that you receive the most relevant and timely of them. Or you can select which ones to follow.

AI Data Sorting

Important decisions are often buried in 100 page documents and laborious meeting minutes.  AI reviews these documents and extracts key facts for readers to access easily.

Reliable and Accurate Information

At, we take accuracy seriously. Humans review and edit our content for accuracy.  Our machine learning algorithms are restricted to sorting and summarizing raw data directly from the originating sources, protecting the integrity of the raw information. 

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